In the modern era, remote work is on the rise as it has many positive impacts on the lives of workers as well as for the company that looks for remote workers. The technology utilized to work from home has become more common. Most Long Islanders have a high-speed internet connection and devices to communicate with. Remote Access applications like TeamViewer, AnyDesk, etc. are also contributing in this field to improve by providing remote access to the employers and checking the work in detail just like they can see the work in person.

With the advancements in technology, people have got a tracking technology to keep a check on remote workers that they complete the project and meet the deadline. With remote access, they can show the project progress to the project manager while sitting at home. Most of the people, looking for a path of least resistance, are willing to opt for this opportunity to work from home remotely. Large-scale companies often seek remote workers for smaller projects. If they like the work, they offer them a permanent job as well either remotely or on-site.

Every company does not have all the skills, and hence, when a project comes which does not meet their skill set, they often outsource the project to a remote worker from an online platform. These online platforms have several or say millions of remote workers with different skills expertise.

Working remotely adds ease to all those workers’ lives who have to spend time on different things other than the office work. Remote workers are able to design their daily routines around the needs of the assigned project [1]. Nowadays, some people are working part-time as remote workers and full-time as on-site workers. In this way, they make better earnings but have to put extra effort into it.

People who do not wish to go to an office for 9 to 5 jobs often end up becoming Freelancers or Entrepreneurs. They are also called remote workers as they build their connections online and get projects. Some people do not like working in crowded places; instead, they prefer to work alone in an isolated environment. In this way, people prefer to work remotely for a company in an isolated environment. It is not that they are not social or professional, but not everyone has the tendency to stay focused while other people are around. Remote workers are most of the time comfortable in working with that comfort zone.

This stay-at-home mentality also helps reduce the transmission of illnesses. This is a big factor considering the current outbreak of the Coronavirus. A lot of Long Island companies are now scrambling to set things up so their workers can work from home. The transition will be more seamless in the future as companies realize all the benefits of working from home.

If we consider the time-saving factor, that is also an essential point that people consider while opting for a stay-at-home job. Workers can also choose to work while they are in bed wearing their pajamas. There may not be a more comfortable office to work in. Remote workers do not even spend a single minute traveling from home to office. This is a great way to avoid the LIE (495)!

Just because of time flexibility, remote workers can spend more time with their families. Remote work also tends to keep employees happier as they can maintain a healthy balance between work and personal life. Unlike traditional employees, married remote workers spent more time with their wives and kids for the betterment of their families [2]. However, a full-time worker might need to request some days off to take his family on vacation.

Pollution avoidance is also a benefit if people work at home. People tend to avoid dust and pollution which they have to face on the road while traveling on Bike or even public transport. They either have to wear a mask or travel by car or any closed vehicle where the dust or pollution cannot harm them. Perhaps, it will get costly on their daily budget. So, by working at home, they do not have to spend a single penny to go to work and earn money. Remote working is easy on the pocket as well in this aspect as well as safe from pollution and dust.  According to a study, remote workers have improved health and wellbeing as compared to full-time workers as they are less exhausted and have to bear less stress due to the daily grind [3].

Working From Home

Companies like Zebra, Dell, Amazon, VIPKID, and Liveops are some of those companies that look for remote workers for their projects. It has become a regular search to find a remote worker and get the job done efficiently and more productively [3].

Most of the remote workers work on different projects at a time to earn a better living. They sometimes do not limit themselves to one company to work for. They get better with their time management skills juggling projects. But, with an office routine, the workers cannot work concurrently on different tasks. Perhaps, they are assigned a single task, and they have to complete that in a specified timeline. This not only bounds them but also makes them earn less than they could have earned by working remotely.

Another factor that people hate about the office environment is the politics among employees [4]. Most of the time, they are jealous of your success or appreciation by the seniors. Hence, they often lead to backbiting or even tend to show jealousy. Not everyone has the temperament to deal with this behavior of others in the workplace. Sensitive people tend to prefer working remotely from home and avoid office politics.

In the case of Freelancers, they also earn by outsourcing projects and take a good percentage of commission from it depending on the job scope. First, they take projects for themselves, and on increasing the workload, they find people to get that extra work done at a nominal price. They can hire different people to get the job done. The more they outsource, the more they get to earn. They set a particular criterion for their hired project workers. If they qualify, they continue to complete more projects with them.

Conclusively, Remote working is a very productive and effective way of earning a good living for many people in this modern era. Also, if we consider future trends, it will keep on rising as teenagers are more technologically orientated. Working remotely is a great way to have a more flexible work schedule while making a great living.

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